What are online pokies and their features?

The pokie machines available at land-based casinos were mechanical and fitted with a lever that drove the drums. But with advancements in iGaming technologies and the advent of the Internet era, pokie gaming has also come online with online slots that look similar to the machines in real life, but with more options, powered by some of the software provider giants in the field of online gaming such as Wazdan, Microgaming, NetEnt and so on. These software companies keep on updating the technology they use and they come up with new and more innovative online slot machine games every year. And for those who keep being concerned about the fairness of online slots, they need not be worried at all. Online slots are audited to maintain Provable Fairness and since the winning combinations are selected via the RNG system, there is no possibility of any slot gaming enthusiast being able to cheat. Playing an online pokie machine is fairly simple with you just having to press the Spin button after selecting your bet amount and bet level depending on the game you choose. Make sure to check out features like the jackpot (local or progressive) amount, the RTP and the variance of a slot game before proceeding with the real money play. Other important features include the number of rows and reels in the slot game and the number of paylines that are being provided.

What are online pokies: how the winning combination is generated

When playing online slots Australia, the outcome is predetermined by the computer program. This is a random number generator computer which builds random sequences every millisecond in order to ensure the Provable Fairness of the online slot machine game and to check that no winning combination gets replicated one after another. This prevents any slot gaming enthusiast from guessing what combination the next spin will give because everything is random and without any fixed pattern to follow. It is completely based on a mathematical equation so there is no reason to believe that once you trigger the jackpot, it will not be triggered again.

Types of pokies online

The slot machine games available at all online casinos in the present day can be classified in a host of different ways. The pokies online can be divided on the basis of gameplay, jackpots and paylines. These include:

Developers also create slots based on famous TV series and films, books and comics. They focus on:

Themed slot games are usually very popular, especially because they provide you with familiar characters who beckon you on slot gaming adventures. There are slot games based on the hit tv series, Vikings, fantasy slots based on the supernatural such as Immortal Romance and even slots that focus on ninja cats, for all the cat lovers out there. These slots usually have unique symbols like the Wild and Scatter symbols based on the theme. So, before playing, it is mandatory to check the paytable at least one.

The popularity of Australian online pokies

The gambling industry in Australia is worth tens of billions of dollars, and although betting on sports and horse racing is in high demand, given the millions of Australians who watch premium sporting events, the Australian online pokies are still the ones that bring in most of the revenue. Before the introduction of pokie machines, almost all table and card games relied heavily on skill and complicated odds calculations. But when slot machines came along, people had found a game that was so easy to play, and yet so exciting, that it was impossible not to become addicted to it.