The essence of the Spring Fling event and what needs to become its participant

Hot time always brings all the best with it. With the awakening of nature, people are also awakened and are ready to new achievements. Everyone is charged with energy and positiveness. That is why Yggdrasil chose this period to host their annual Spring Fling event with a prize fund of 100,000 euros, and which usually starts at the beginning of April. It is a great occasion to celebrate the arrival of hot season with gifts and good mood.

The Yggdrasil Spring Fling competition consists of two tournaments taking place throughout the campaign. The prize fund is € 50,000 and is split between each of the competition. In order to become a participant in the event, it is needed to choose one of its slots games and give an agreement to participation. It is important to note that each competition has its own peculiarities of receiving gifts from the winner pool.

Сonditions for holding Spring Yggdrasil tournaments

First hot is always associated with such a pleasant holiday as Easter. Everyone is waiting for it to be able to taste a delicious Easter cake again. But for bettors it is also an opportunity to get a good win in the form of a nice treat.

The Easter competition will last the first week of April. Everyone who takes part in the competition has a chance to receive one of the gifts totaling 50,000 euros. In order to win, it is necessary to make spins in the games, each of which can bring luck and one of the fund’s prizes.

Here it is possible to relax on Easter Island (2) or have fun with beautiful fish in the Golden Aquarium. Also bettor may get a taste of the nightlife of Reel Desire or take a walk in the jungle with Multifay. And also guess riddles and find treasures in Jackpot Raiders or Holmes.

After the excitement of victory and new impressions after the first event are over, it’s time to start the tournament, which will be held in mid–April. This quest Yggdrasil consists of the tasks offered to the bettor in different games, thanks to which the most motivated players may get gifts.

And the bank for winners itself amounts to 50,000 euros and will be divided between each of the participants who won the quest. In order to determine the winner, is used the number of rounds in which the tasks were completed. There are four slots to completing quests and each gambler can choose according to their taste. Here gambler can make victories from the underworld of Hades, visit the lands of the Vikings, feel the divine power by climbing into the valley of the gods. And at the end relax on Easter Island 2.


Thus, such season events are an excellent opportunity to relax while enjoying the pleasant season and at the same time spend time with benefit and try own luck in Spring Fling annual events.