Free spin pokies: how to get the prize

Free spins, which require no bets but give out prizes when you win, are familiar to all online gambling enthusiasts. In fact, free spin pokies feature has been around since the popularity of the first slot machines. The Internet has made a lot of changes to the familiar to us things, not without updating the functionality of the slots.

Free spins Australia are more frequent than other types of slots’ bonuses, but they come in different structures. Some games have a ‘pick me’ style feature, which offers you a choice of a hidden set of icons. Often, you’ll get a cash prize:

It’s a simple random choice, and you win whatever you choose. You can always find updated information about the slots with free spins on our website.

How free spins are triggered

The appearance of special symbols on the screen or the fulfilment of certain conditions in the game triggers the start of the free spins. This can be a single spin or a series of spins. In most cases the stake and the number of active lines remain unchanged, i.e. the same as in the previous spin. Losses do not take any money away from the player and all winnings are accumulated in the player’s account.

Free spins can be given by a casino for registration, if this is stipulated in the rules. As well, free spins are also available during the game when a certain combination is struck. Nearly all new slots have extra spins and other perks.

Types of free spins slots

Many slots, irrespectively to the reels number, have a free spin as one of their features. This means that a certain combination of symbols can activate a specified number of rounds for you. Free spins slots as a rule have a special Scatter symbol which can have a significant effect on the gameplay and makes it more financially attractive. The fact is that if this symbol pops up on the adjacent reels at least 3 times, the punter receives a bonus round or free spins of the reels. In addition, if the playing field is built a combination of these characters, the total bet on all active lines is multiplied by their coefficient.

Tips to benefit from free spins Australia pokies

Some gamers think you can’t make much from a bonus like this. Others prove that it is possible to win big money with free spins Australia. To do this, you simply have to use the apt tactics:

These are fairly simple and straightforward guidelines that help to boost profits. But don’t get carried away; make sure to pause and relax. Using extra rounds correctly, you can earn a decent amount of money or even hit the jackpot.