What you need to know for playing pokies in online casinos

As mobile technology has evolved, casino companies have developed applications and optimized their websites to make popular games available on all mobile devices. Playing pokies are popular all over the world because:

But experienced gamblers are selective in their choice of video slots, taking into account payout table odds, RTP, bonus features. The combination of these factors allows you to win more often.

How to play pokies machines: symbols and rounds

Before you start spending your coins and tapping the spin button, let’s see how to play pokies machines, what symbols and tables you’ll come across on screen. The theme of the game dictates the design of the symbols. In a pirate-themed pokie, for example, there are likely to be symbols for pirates, treasure and ships.

Common symbol names include the scatter, wild, bonus symbol and a symbol of free spins. The Wild replaces all other game symbols on the payline allowing you to form winning combinations. Sometimes Wild symbols can also act as multipliers. The Scatter is a special symbol that can be used to win the jackpot, extra rounds, or to multiply your winnings, which is especially nice for players who prefer to play for money and win.

The overview of the best pokie machine to play Australia

The mechanics of the different slot machines, in fact, do not differ much from each other. In order to win, the user needs to collect a certain combination of symbols. Usually, three or five symbols in a line are needed to win a prize. The symbols on the best pokie machine to play Australia differ not only in appearance, but also in their «value».

In order to know exactly how much money this or that combination will bring you, you should first carefully study the payout table of the slot. The first thing to look at is the paytable. It shows the odds by which the line bet will be multiplied if the player collects a combination of the given symbols. The higher the odds, the higher the winnings. By choosing a slot with high odds, a gambler gets a chance to score a big win.

Play pokies online responsibly

With this info on online pokies, you’re ready to start searching for a game to try. Before you play pokies online see what options are available to boost your winning chances: free spins, wild symbols, etc., that appear on the screen and are triggered by a random number generator (RGN). In this way, the game is unpredictable, which is what makes it so thrilling.

Slot machines are tempting, but there is no need to spend all your money on them at once, so, always set a spending limit. As soon as you win, make a deal and leave the game. It is risky to bet on your winnings, you might just lose everything. Slot machines are made for the fun of gambling. Yet you should never count that they will actually help you increase your earnings.