The Wild Chase Slot Review

Do you love and go on to watch and rewatch runs of The Fast and The Furious and other action packed thrillers that show car chases like no other? Are you a fan of Money Heist where a group of con artists becomes the toast of the town? Then, this is just the slot machine game for you. Released on the 13th of April, 2016, this slot machine game might not be the latest in the business, but it is highly popular because of its power packed premise where you jump into a car with your gang of con artists and go ahead with the to conduct one last heist and run away with a gigantic amount of cash, with the police chasing after you all the way. Will you be able to make your getaway or will you get stuck on the road and get caught by the local police or maybe even Interpol? There’s most definitely no time to lose, right? Get into the car now and spin that reel to win all that cash with this wild chase!

The following is a list of all the most amazing and unique features of the slot machine game called The Wild Chase created by QuickSpin Gaming:

So, go ahead and go on this wild and decidedly not a goose chase with your accomplices and get 9900x your stake as a jackpot win!