Responsible Gambling

Gambling is ideally called iGaming or online real money gaming today. With the introduction of heaps of online as well as land-based pokie or slot games of the highest order from trusted software developers such as Microgaming, NetEnt and so on, and live table card games which require skills, online gambling has turned into a full-on gaming arcade, albeit with money involved. But, it is in the present times more about the gaming and the thrill than about the stable income or even the payouts. The online casino gaming industry has ushered in the age of Responsible Gaming, where they will let you have all the fun without any risk of going bankrupt or even losing a significant portion of your money. 

What Is Responsible Gaming and How to Play Responsibly?

Gambling is a form of entertainment and for most of the people who use the services of an online or land-based casino, the game is majorly for the purpose of providing fun and the thrill of winning, which us an adrenaline inducing adventure. Nevertheless, there have been repeated cases where a gambling enthusiast has been unable to stop themselves from going overboard and have gone bankrupt. To prevent such phenomena and help people who have encountered problems as a result of not the iGaming sector but their addiction towards it, a system of Responsible Gaming has been developed. It is a set of norms, tips, and tools developed by representatives in the gambling industry to raise awareness among players about the dangers of uncontrolled gambling. It is also a brilliant collaborative strategy between the online casino and the players so that they can pull each other back from the edge together. 

Each of the bullets under the Responsible Gaming section of any online casino has to do with enhancing your gambling abilities and providing you with a favourable gaming atmosphere. First of all, these are tips on the game, the main purpose of which is to prevent problems in the gambling field. These tips include how to control money, set time limits, block your gambling account for a specified period of time and so on.

The basic advice for players is to set a limit on the money that can be used in the casino. By adhering to this limit and perceiving this money as being spent for entertainment purposes, the player will not use the money that is intended for other purposes. You could also set a time limit for playing beyond which your account will not be allowed to function at the online casino. In severe cases, taking a temporary break or a cooling period is also a fruitful endeavour. 

Another important tip is to play in a light mood. It may seem insignificant, but depending on the mood, the perception of the game changes. 

Following these recommendations is highly effective in combating addiction problems that may arise in the process of gambling.

Problem Gambling and Gambling Addiction

Problematic gambling is one of the main issues that regulators, casinos, and game software developers are dealing with. Problem gambling is characterized by a detrimental effect on the player’s financial, mental, and social condition. The core of the problem of gambling is gambling addiction – a form of disorder characterized by an unstoppable craving for gambling, usually with the idea of turning gambling into a mode of stable income or trying to use it as a form of distraction. 

Many different factors can cause gambling addiction. First of all, this has nothing to do with the will of the player, since even people with strong self-control become problem players. Among the main ones, one can single out the factor of biological predisposition, social problems, and peculiarities of psychology. Some of the factors, such as biological, are very difficult to identify immediately, and therefore it is impossible to say for sure whether a person will become addicted. However, following the advice of Responsible Gambling reduces this risk to a minimum, especially since you give up half of your account control to the online casino that will ensure your addiction does not get the best of you. 

How to Identify Gambling Addiction?

Externally, gambling addiction may practically not manifest itself in any way from a physiological point of view. The gambler has no speech disorders or exacerbations of chronic diseases. For a long time, he can hide the truth from his family. But there are signs of gambling addiction. When they appear, you need to act immediately. The following are some of the indicators of gambling addiction:

If you do not notice symptoms in yourself, to make sure that gambling has not developed into a heavy addiction, there are official questionnaires that will help determine if there is a problem. Such questionnaires contain several questions that will help identify the presence of social and psychological issues that are signs of addiction. A similar questionnaire can be found at: Gamblers’ Anonymous is a support group that holds meetings and will help you leave the addiction behind, if the case is so. 

Consequences of Gambling Addiction

The consequences of gambling addiction affect the life of the addict and all those close to him. Gamblers spend a lot of money every year on online casino gaming. But not all gambling enthusiasts are addicts. The ones who are addicts know that they have piles of debts but continue to gamble regardless. This can lead to a number of situations with collectors, sometimes ending in violence and bloodshed, or maybe even suicide.

Also, a key consequence is the withdrawal from society. The gambler not only stops communicating with family and friends, but he also loses contact with the world around them.

The list of negative consequences of problem gambling also includes:

Coping with Gambling Addiction

To cope with gambling addiction, there are many self-help methods and tools developed as part of a Responsible Gaming program with the support of third party regulators and casino platforms. Any well respected online casino will have a Responsible Gaming section. If they don’t, then do not invest in such a casino. 

Anonymous help platforms such as and provide psychological support for addicted gamblers through meetings and phone calls.

You can restrict access to the online casino site using the support service, which will block the player’s gaming account. In addition, allows you to create filters that will deny access to casino web platforms. 

If you have an addiction problem, you should always share it with your loved ones and open up to them. They will help in this difficult period both with the help of various methods and with their love and moral support.


So, now that you know what Responsible Gaming entails, playing in online casinos and having fun just got even better, right? Now you can have your online casino fun while also being sure that there will be lesser risk of you developing a gambling addiction.